How to clean a green swimming pool

If you’re facing a swimming pool that is filled with green water it’s very likely that you’re going to be seeking solutions to quickly clean up the mess. As soon as algae sets in your swimming pool is not hard to start to see the rest of the water starting to cloud over. When you own your own swimming pool, you’re going to be the one that’s responsible for keeping the water clear and making sure that you can keep it maintained with a proper chemical balance, regular scrubbing and ongoing vacuuming.

In order to keep a summing pool clear, it’s likely on to do some daily inspections for algae growth. If you start noticing slightly cloudy water, does good chance that you will see algae bloom quickly if you don’t intervene. Green swimming pools can be quite common after you have experience various weather events, when debris  has fallen into your pool or if you have seen animals or a large crowd from a pool party. Making efforts to keep your pool clean and ensuring that you can prevent future problems will ensure that you will have a pool that is going to be at its best when you go to swim in it. Following is a small guide on how to clean a green swimming pool.

The best ways that you can clean out a green swimming pool included:

Inspect often:

Every morning check the quietness of the water and if you happen to see the signs of algae growth, start by sweeping away the area and make sure that you are shocking the pool regularly. Netting of leaves and insects and a daily basis will make sure that you can prevent a chance for growth and ensure that the pool is going to stay clear as well.

Regularly check chlorine levels and make sure that adjustments can be made to the water as soon as possible. Regular testing on your chlorine levels will make sure that the water is in constant balance and that you can make small adjustments with shock as they are required.

Check your skimmer and filter:

Check the skimmer nets every morning and remove any vegetation that is collected including insects that have fallen into the area over the night. Regularly removing your skimmer basket will make sure that algae doesn’t have the chance to grow and bloom from inside the skimmer in your pool. Various problems with the clarity of your pool can often occur when you have items in your skimmer and pump, rather than facing ongoing issues with your pool and water clarity, you will need to remove these items on a regular basis.

Check the pH:

Chemicals that you are using need to be functioning as they should check in the pH with a quick test strip can make sure your pool environment will not be a good place for algae to grow.


If you have a sand filter and your water is beginning to look cloudy you could consider backwashing the sand filter for a few minutes and see how the pool looks the next day. Regularly backwash in your filter will also make sure the components will not collect in the pipes and continually cause algae growth that emanates from your filter basket.

If your pool has been sufficiently affect the biology you may need to brush down all the walls and the floor to remove the algae grows from the pool liner, clean at the built-in pump filter, backwash or pool and then vacuum of the bottom of your pool. By removing any instance of algae you can prevent the spread.

If you are having ongoing problems with keeping your pool clean, be sure to contact professionals for fast cleaning of a pool containing algae.