Instagram Video Ads: 5 Tips To Improve Them

Social media marketing has changed the game for marketers. Most of the marketers now try to make various accounts on different social media platforms to promote their products and services. Similarly, nowadays, a large number of people spend their time on Instagram. And for this reason, marketers have started to utilize this platform to promote their brand. Instagram has introduced video ads, and marketers have begun to use this feature. 

Tips on how to improve Instagram Video ads

In this article, we have discussed some of the ways marketers can improve their Instagram video ads and attract more audiences. 

1. Keep your focus on a single theme or topic.

The audience does not like to see shopping details, call to action, brand awareness, product details all in a single video. Brands who tend to over-promote their products and service have the possibility of losing a potential customer. When making a video ad for Instagram, make sure you focus on a single topic or theme. For example, if you want the video ad to help you get customers, then make sure to include a call to action. This way, the audience will have an idea about what they should do next. On new platforms like tiktok it is fairly easy to gain more followers by increasing the likes on your videos. Simple way to do that is buying tiktok likes which will organically boost your ranks on the platform, however this is not possible to do so on instagram now a days.

2. Make video ads for mobile users.

As we know, Instagram was first introduced as a mobile-only app. And till this day, the website has the most visitors from mobile-based users. Hence when creating a video ad, marketers should keep this information in mind. Try to create a video ad that suits the mobile layout and get a test run done to see if one can see the text and images correctly. 

3. Make sure to incorporate captions.

Audio does not start to play until one tap on the video. Hence most of the time, people don’t understand what the video ads try to say. This is the reason one should utilize the caption option. People often tend to use their phones on silent mode. But if the video ad consists of captions, then the viewers will have an easier time understanding what the video wants to convey. Marketers can also use the image text for their video ads. 

4. Create video ads to blend with user’s feed

As a number of brands have started to use this platform to promote their brand, most of them strive to get noticed by audiences. Marketers need to create their video ads in such a way that will get blended with the user’s feed. Try and fill the video with fantastic content and make it visually appealing. This way, the audiences will stop and look at the video ads. 

5. Communicate with the audience

Many audiences will comment on video ads. It is important for you to respond to each of the comments. This way, you can build a good relationship with the audience. When the audiences come back to check your comment, curiosity starts to grow regarding the product or service. This way, one can try and get many potential customers.